Getting eyelash extensions is a beauty trick that more women are getting fond of. It’s an easy upgrade to your look, making your eyes pop and making you look all ready for an event, party, or the day in general. It’s also a great way to look extra special on your bridal party. If you are new to the eyelash extension craze, then here are a few things you might want to know.

  1. They’re usually called falsies.

“Falsies” is the common word for eyelash extensions which refers to artificial lashes made of mink, horse hair, or synthetic hair. They are applied to the lining of your eye (where your real eyelashes are) by a special type of glue that will make your falsies stay up for your bridal party.

Having falsies attached will make your eyes look fuller, bigger, and darker, which is always a great idea if you want to look prepared and fresh. Sometimes, you can even get away with a no-makeup look just with false eyelashes and a few streaks of color to your cheeks.


  1. There are different kinds of falsies.

There are three kinds of eyelash extensions and they refer to different eye shapes. Yes, eye shape varies and it’s important to know what shape yours is so that you can pick the right falsies for you.

The first type of lashes is the individual lashes that just have a few strands of hair attached to the strip. The strips are also shorter because they can just be applied to one side of your lashes. This is perfect if you want your eyelashes to look more natural or if you already have thick and long lashes that just need a boost.

The second type is the half lashes which only cover half of the length of your lashes. This is a lot longer than the individual lashes because it covers half of your eyelids. This is often used to achieve that winged eyelash technique which helps make you look fierce.

The last eyelash type is, of course, the strip lashes that cover the whole length of your eyelids. Expect that this is one is heavier than the other two because it has more hair attached to the strip.


  1. You can get semi-permanent lashes.

If you want to make your bridal lashes stay longer on your eyelids, then you might want to consider getting semi-permanent lash extensions. Although it’s called “semi-permanent” this does not mean that it will last for years. No, because it can only last you for one and a half to two months until all the hair that was glued will naturally fall out. But hey, this is a lot better than applying false eyelashes every single day.

A semi-permanent lash extension can be more expensive than buying drugstore lash extensions. Aside from the longevity, the cost goes to the fee you pay to the professional who applies the lashes.


  1. No crying after lash application.

Yes, you heard that right. If you can help it, don’t cry or sweat it out for the next 12 hours after applying lash extensions. This is because sweating and crying will not make the glue dry. When there isn’t enough glue, the lash extension will just fall out or they might not stick at all. Notice how some fail applications have some sides of the lash going up. This means that they weren’t glued well to the eye or the adhesive wasn’t dry enough that it didn’t hold down the strip.


  1. Perfect for a simple makeup upgrade.

Even in bridal parties, there are some women who prefer to keep it simple. Heavy makeup and full eye color is a big no-no for some, so if you still want to look beautiful and well-prepared for the celebration of a lifetime, then you might want to consider applying falsies.

Since falsies already draw emphasis to your eyes, you don’t want to overdo it by putting a bold lippie and very pink cheeks. Instead, complement your falsies with a light makeup that enhances all your great angles.

Eyelash extensions may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but they’re a great way to boost your look. It’s simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll barely notice that it’s there.